Catrin Menai

Agora (2023) brings together artists from across Wales whose work responds to themes of heritage, ritual and the land.  An innovative approach to making and showcasing new artwork that celebrates tradition and powerfully expresses the potential that places hold. This exhibition takes the Agora  [The gathering place] as the inspiration for new methods of radical cultural exchange. With a focus on Welsh heritage, folklore, language and natural abundance this show is rooted in sustainability, diversity and the desire to nourish our personal and cultural connections to Wales. This exhibition showcases new work by a range of contemporary artists as well as documenting recent collaborative work made on location at Cadw heritage sites.

Turner House, Penarth   03.07.23 - 03.08.23
Galeri , Caernarfon  11.10.23 - 20-1-23

Satellites, is a collaborative project with Sarah Boulton. The work explores methods of translating to and from the landscape of Ynys Enlli*, looking towards a sense of communicating outwards to something, a gesturing to voice, to collaboration, and to the physicality of ephemeral happenings. Through correspondence, sound, landscape & movement, we explore ideas of  togetherness, as we look towards different ways of seeing: witnessing, remembering, channeling. The work is open to change, as time goes on (it moves, as a memory moves), 

* The Island in the Currents

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